Rustic Wedding Cake

I feel like I’ve done my fair share of cakes for customers event.  So I figured I’d give a walk through some of them for anything looking to dabble in it.  So this isn’t coming for the Cake Boss and he knows quite a bit more than I do.  So if you are up there with the professionals I probably have nothing to say that would benefit you.  But if you are a mom or a sister looking to help a bride save some money on  a nearly 100 dollar cake it may be easier than you think.

I started by making my cakes, cutting the uneven parts and wrapping them in foil to freeze.  I made the frosting and also put in a ziplock bag to freeze.  These are some just some of my tips for easy cake making and decorating.  This was all done a week in advance.  It was my brothers wedding and I was planning a large amount of it so I was going to have a ton of time last min.  Regardless of time, I normally do this.  A frozen cake makes for quick and easy decorating.  I made the fondant the day before, another trick to read more about in the aforementioned post.

So day before, pulled out frozen cakes and frosted and layered.  First frosting layer is always a crumb coat so let it solidify a little in the fridge and pull it out and frost again.  This accomplishes getting a good thick and even layer of frosting around the edges.  For this particular cake, I obviously didn’t want it to be perfectly smooth because we were giving it a rustic look.  I took a spoon and a bowl of water.  When you dip the spoon in the water it helps it from sticking to much to the icing and pulling it all off.  I used the back of the spoon to create the texture.

When you put the layers on top of each other you don’t want them to crush the bottom layers so you need to have good supports under each layer.  Each layer should have a cardboard support underneath that is hidden under the actual cake.  Now, I’ve tried the dowels before and I’ve found that if you have a lot of traveling to do or like a lot of people you take it through the cardboard your cake can still sag and start to fall apart.  I once got called to attempt a fix on a three tiered cake that someone else had done and it was falling.  When I investigated I found that they had put so many dowels trying to stop the cake from sagging that it was splitting the cake in half!  What I use is 1″ pvc pipe.  It is way cheaper than cake dowels and they give a large amount of support with minimal usage. the bottom and middle layers get 2 or 3 pvc pipes in a line or triangle.  They DO NOT go through the cardboard but hold it up so all the weight is on the pipes and nothing on the cake.

Once its all put together its just finishing touches.  For this cake I had some burlap that shed A LOT so I covered in in saran wrap to protect the cake.  The flowers were done by eco flowers.  I gave it an off center cascade look. and the topper is a glass blown temple.  Doing everything beforehand made this cake so quick to put together.  I kept it in the fridge overnight which completely defrosted the cake.  It turned out great!



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